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Calendula Seeds

Calendula seeds spring to life as sunny blooms for your garden. Sometimes called “pot marigolds,” these flowers are as beneficial as they are beautiful. Thriving in full to partial sun, calendula plants are hardy annuals, adaptable to different soil conditions. This medicinal plant is renowned for its healing properties. Calendula flowers are used in herbal remedies, and products for skincare, and can even be used in cooking.

Survival Garden Seeds offers a selection of untreated heirloom, non-GMO calendula flower seeds. Chosen for their strong germination rate, these seeds will grow into beautiful, useful flowers for your garden.

Growing Calendula Seeds in Your Garden

  • Edible flowers for culinary and medicinal use
  • Long blooming period
  • Heirloom, non-GMO seeds
  • Tolerant to various climates and soil types


The healing properties of this plant’s flower have long been known. Originating in the Mediterranean, calendula’s blooms are well known for their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Successfully growing in USDA hardiness zones 2 -11, calendula is a model of adaptability and resilience. Easy care and many uses result in calendula being a favorite among gardeners and herbalists. Calendula can be a highlight of an organic gardening strategy by attracting pollinators and protecting vegetables from many pests.


In early spring, sow seeds directly in the garden soil. Calendula seeds can be sown in autumn as well. Plant seeds 1/4 inch deep, spacing them 8 to 10 inches apart. Calendula plants prefer a sunny spot but are tolerant to some shade during the day. Once established, the plant is resistant to drought, but regular watering encourages prolific blooming.


Calendula plants don’t require much upkeep. They benefit from occasional watering and light feeding for continuous blooming. Removing dry flowers will encourage new blooms. Harvesting calendula seeds is easy because they seed prolifically once flowers dry out.

Survival Garden Seeds offers calendula seeds for sale that will provide a sustainable feast for the eyes. Calendulas are a source of natural herbal remedies, their bright blooms enhance the garden's beauty, and they are excellent companion plants for your vegetable garden.

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