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Zucchini Seeds

Zucchini seeds grow into prolific plants known for the abundant production of tender summer squash. Zucchini is a warm-weather vegetable plant that prefers full sun exposure and benefits from fertile, well-draining soil. This fast-growing vegetable is a favorite to grow at home because it’s easy to care for and rapidly produces many fruits. Zucchini squash is used in a range of dishes, from zucchini bread to grilled and fried zucchini, and even served raw in a fresh summer salad. The blooms are also edible and can be stuffed as a rare treat!

Survival Garden Seeds offers high-quality zucchini seeds in many different varieties. They’re perfect for those who want to harvest tasty crops this summer. Our non-GMO seeds are carefully selected for their ability to produce healthy, productive zucchini plants.

Growing Zucchini Seeds in Your Garden

  • Abundant, tender fruits
  • Fast growth, high yield
  • Heirloom, non-GMO seeds
  • Ideal for many culinary uses


Zucchini, known as courgette in Great Britain, is a summer squash popular for its soft, edible flesh. It is applied to various dishes, and prepared in different ways around the globe. Zucchini can be successfully cultivated in USDA hardiness zones 3 to 9. Flourishing in warm weather and providing harvest quickly, it is a treat to grow with lovely yellow flowers and big leaves. Often, it bears fruits as fast as 50 days after planting.


Zucchini seeds can either be sown indoors and transplanted when the weather is warm, but are best sown directly in the garden after the frost has passed. Neither the seeds nor the seedlings like the cold. Plant seeds 1 inch deep, spacing them according to the needs of your chosen variety. Zucchini seeds usually germinate in 7 to 10 days in warmed soil.


Zucchini plants require consistent soil moisture. Water them well, especially when fruits begin to develop. Mulching is highly recommended to retain moisture and control weed growth. Be vigilant for pests and check daily to catch any infestations early. Diseases like powdery mildew develop easier if the leaves are wet, so always water at the plant base. Harvest zucchini when the fruits are young and tender, which encourages more production. Cut the fruit at the base, or twist it to detach it from the plant. The male zucchini flowers will not develop a fruit. These tasty squash blossoms can be stuffed or fried for a delicious summer dish.

Survival Garden Seeds has prepared some interesting varieties of zucchini seeds. Our customers can enjoy the summer favorite, and save the seeds for next season’s planting!

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