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Swiss Chard Seeds

Swiss Chard seeds develop into nutritious leafy greens. They are familiar for their large, tender leaves and often colorful stalks. This is a plant that can tolerate cool and warm weather, perfect for producing a fresh supply of greens for most of the year. Swiss Chard likes to be in direct sunlight but grows well in partial shade. This biennial plant is grown as an annual. It excels in well-drained, fertile soil.
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Survival Garden Seeds offers a variety of Swiss chard plant seeds, including vibrant Rainbow Chard, known for its multicolored stems. Our non-GMO seeds are selected for their excellent germination and reliable growth, ensuring a bountiful harvest of this nutritious vegetable.

Growing Swiss Chard Seeds in Your Garden

  • Continuous harvest
  • Tolerant of cool weather and summer heat
  • Heirloom, non-GMO seeds
  • Biennial, grown as an annual


Swiss Chard, a relative of beets and quinoa, is a plant cultivated for its leaves rich with nutrients. It’s abundant in vitamins (A, C, K), and minerals like iron and magnesium. The mild, earthy flavor is delicious in various cooked dishes or eaten fresh in salads. Originating in the Mediterranean, Swiss Chard has gained popularity worldwide for simple cultivation and stellar adaptability, and is suitable for growing in USDA hardiness zones 2 to 11.


To cultivate Swiss Chard at home, sow the seeds directly in the garden spot, anywhere from early spring to late summer. Seeds should go 1/2 inch deep in soil, spaced 12-18 inches apart. The plants will grow large in rich soil, so give them plenty of room. Ensure that soil remains consistently moist during germination, which will occur within a week or two.


Swiss Chard is an easy plant to maintain. Once established, it requires regular soil moisture to encourage tender leaf production. Adding compost mid-season can revitalize the leaf growth. Swiss Chard is ready to be harvested when leaves are large enough to your liking, from baby stage to full size. Remove the outer leaves first, allowing the plant to continuously produce new leaves.

Survival Garden Seeds offers Swiss Chard seeds for everyone who likes tasty and nutritious leaves straight from their backyard garden. The colorful stems are a feast for the eyes, and these hardy plants will provide a steady supply of healthy greens for your table.

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