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Pea Seeds

Pea seeds sprout into prolific vegetable plants, beloved for their sweet, tender pods. These legumes grow best in full to partial sunlight. Peas come in climbing or bush varieties. Each one produces a bounty of pods that are especially delicious fresh from the garden, but that also can be frozen or otherwise stored long-term. Planting peas is also beneficial to the soil, enriching it with nitrogen fixed from the air. With many options to choose from, these amazing plants are perfect for all gardens and can be an ideal choice as the first seeds to plant in early spring.
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Survival Garden Seeds provides high-quality pea seeds for sale for cultivating these delicious and nutritious veggies in your garden. Our seeds are selected for their excellent germination rates and robust growth.

Growing Pea Seeds in Your Garden

  • Sweet and crunchy flavor
  • Many varieties to choose from
  • Heirloom, non-GMO seeds
  • Suitable for trellises or as ground cover


Peas have long been appreciated for their sweet flavor and early productivity. These legumes originate in the Mediterranean and are both delicious and useful for the home garden. They fix nitrogen to improve soil quality and well are suited for outdoor growing in USDA hardiness zones 3 to 11. Their inclination for cooler weather makes them ideal for early spring or late summer planting.


As soon as the soil can be worked, sow pea seeds directly to their final location. They can be planted in spring or late summer for an autumn harvest. Plant them 1 inch deep, spacing seeds as indicated on your packet for your given variety. Peas will germinate best in cool soil, usually sprouting within a week or two.


Water the plants consistently, especially during flowering and pod development. Add mulch around pea plants to stop evaporation and to keep roots cool. Climbing pea varieties will need support in the form of trellises or stakes for effective growth. Harvest peas regularly to encourage continued production; the more you pick, the more they produce.

With Survival Garden Seeds pea seeds, gardeners get to enjoy harvesting fresh, sweet peas straight from the garden. Whichever variety you prefer, growing them offers a delightful addition to the meals and benefits to the garden.

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