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Arugula Seeds

Arugula seeds develop into a peppery, flavorful leafy green. Enjoyed mostly in salads, arugula is known for its quick growth and easy maintenance, thriving in direct sunlight to partial shade. It prefers well-drained and fertile soil. This is an annual that can be harvested repeatedly for its leaves, rich in nutrients and with a distinctive flavor. Arugula is popular among chefs and home gardeners. Its flowers are edible and attractive to pollinators, as they have a lovely, sweet scent.

Survival Garden Seeds offers premium arugula seeds for planting. They’re perfect for those looking to spice up salads or add a peppery vibe to recipes. Our seeds are carefully chosen for their robust growth and flavorful leaves.

Growing Arugula Seeds in Your Garden

  • Peppery, nutritious leaves
  • Fast growing crops
  • Heirloom, non-GMO seeds
  • Tolerant to cool temperatures


Arugula has long been cultivated in the Mediterranean region and is a versatile, nutritious plant used in salads, as a garnish, and even sauteed like spinach. This plant enjoys cooler conditions and is successfully grown in USDA hardiness zones 2 to 11—demonstrating its wide adaptability to different climates. Arugula seeds sprout quickly and grow rapidly, making them suitable for novice and experienced gardeners alike.


Arugula seeds are planted directly in the garden or containers, 1/4 inch deep with spacing around 1 inch. When seedlings are big enough, thin them to 4-6 inches apart, allowing room for growth. Feel free to eat the baby greens you harvest! Arugula can be sown successively to secure continuous supply during the season, every few weeks.


The arugula plant prefers consistency in watering. Moisture helps it develop the tender leaves, so regular watering is important. It can be grown in full sun and in partial shade. However, the leaves may be less bitter in shaded areas. Harvest arugula leaves when they are young and tender, for the best flavor. To secure seeds for next season, wait until the stalk forms arugula seed pods. Cut them off and leave them for a week or two to fully dry. The fresh seeds are edible, or you can save them for next season’s arugula crop.

Explore the simplicity of cultivating this nutritious plant. It’s easy to make room for a tasty green with Survival Garden Seed’s arugula seeds so you can enjoy fresh flavor daily.

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