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Dandelion Seeds

Dandelion seeds produce resilient plants that are also quite beneficial! You may think of these perennials as weeds, but give them a closer look. Their ability to grow almost anywhere paired with a deep root system that allows them to persist in challenging environments. That root system helps to break up compacted soil, drawing nutrients to the surface. By doing that, they improve the soil’s texture, ability to retain moisture, and also its nutrient content. Dandelions are incredibly adaptable, thriving in many climates. They prefer full sunlight but can tolerate partial shade.

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Survival Garden Seeds offers dandelion seeds for sale in two varieties – the common dandelion and Italian Dandelion, which is actually a type of chicory. Each package contains detailed planting instructions to help you get started. Are you looking to harvest dandelion greens for the nutritional value? Maybe you just enjoy the bright flowers? Either way, our heirloom dandelion seeds will provide it for you.

Growing Dandelion Seeds in Your Garden

  • Excellent for edible gardens and natural remedies
  • Easy to grow with minimal maintenance
  • Provide pollen for honeybees and other pollinators
  • Drought-resistant and adaptable to various soil conditions


Dandelions are often unfairly labeled as weeds. However, these plants offer many benefits. Their early blooms attract pollinators, providing a vital food source for bees. They are also used as food for many domestic animals. Native to Europe, Asia, and North America, they have integrated into ecosystems worldwide and grow well in USDA hardiness zones 3 through 10. Recognized for their medicinal properties, dandelions have been a part of herbal medicine for centuries. All parts of the plants are edible, providing healthy bitter greens, sweet tasting edible flowers for brewing, and roots that can be dried and ground as a coffee substitute.


The seeds should be scattered directly onto prepared soil in early spring or fall. Since dandelion flower seeds need light to germinate, just press them into the soil's surface. There is no need to cover them with soil. Watering lightly, keeping the soil moist until germination starts (5 to 14 days).


Once developed, dandelion plants are self-sustaining. They require little to no additional care. Tolerant to drought, they manage well without supplemental watering even in severe conditions. Dandelions are harvested for their leaves, flowers and roots, which all have various uses in cooking and herbal remedies. Because they spread quickly, it's important to manage growth if they are not separated from other plants. Regular harvesting will provide you with a continuous supply of greens and flowers. It will also help control their spread.

Incorporating dandelions into your outdoor garden can be the first step towards creating a more biodiverse space. With Survival Garden Seeds, you can buy dandelion seeds from a trusted supplier. They are nutritious and easy to grow. Embrace their rustic beauty and reap the benefits at the same time!

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