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Chicory Seeds

Chicory seeds grow into a wide variety of versatile plants that have edible bitter leaves and roots. Thriving in full sun to partial shade, chicory is adaptable to many soil types but prefers well-drained, fertile ground. This hardy perennial is often grown as an annual. Its leaves and roots are used in salads or as a cooked green. Root chicory is useful for creating a popular herbal drink that can be used as a coffee substitute or blended with coffee. Grow your own chicory and explore various uses for the different types of chicory plants.

Survival Garden Seeds offers a selection of chicory seeds for sale, perfect for adding a variety of nutritious, flavorful plants to your garden. Our heirloom seeds are selected for their strong germination and reliable growth into robust, healthy plants.

Growing Chicory Seeds in Your Garden

  • Bitter and edible leaves and roots
  • Enjoys full sun to partial shade
  • Non-GMO, heirloom seeds
  • Red chicory is also known as Italian dandelion


Chicory comes to our gardens with a long background of cultivation, mainly in Europe. It is regarded as extremely versatile. Chicory is beneficial to overall health as well. Its leaves are rich in vitamins and minerals, and its roots contain inulin (a prebiotic fiber). These plants grow well in USDA hardiness zones 3 to 10. They’re resilient and capable of flourishing in poorer soil conditions.


Sow chicory seeds for planting directly into the garden space in spring or fall. Plant them according to the needs of your chosen variety, following the directions on the packet. Chicory seeds typically germinate within one to two weeks. To secure a continuous harvest of leafy vegetables, plant seeds in succession. This can be done every few weeks during the growing season.


Water the chicory plants regularly for tender leaves and healthy taproot development. Chicory likes fertile soil, so it benefits from the addition of organic matter in the form of compost, for example. As the plants mature, thin them out. They need about 6 inches apart, allowing room for growth. Chicory can be harvested by cutting the outer leaves or by pulling the entire plant for both the leaves and the root.

Survival Garden Seeds offers different options for growing this valuable vegetable. Fresh leaves for salads, cooked as a green, or roasted as a comforting hot beverage—chicory is an interesting plant for any garden.

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