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Lavender Seeds

Lavender seeds are famous for producing beautiful plants with an unforgettable smell and purple flowers. They have serene beauty and are resilient and drought-resistant. Lavender plants flourish with the full sun and love a well-drained, alkaline soil. These perennials have versatile uses: ornamental and culinary, therapeutic and aromatic. Growing lavender from seed is a unique and rewarding experience for gardeners.

Survival Garden Seeds offers lavender seeds for sale in two beloved varieties. The beautiful packages include a guide to planting.

Growing Lavender Seeds in Your Garden

  • Low-maintenance and tolerant to drought
  • Thrives in poor to moderately fertile soil
  • Lavender is an edible herb that has many healing properties
  • Symbolizes purity, calmness, and tranquility


Lavender plant seeds will grow into a beautiful shrub that flowers with fragrant blooms that pollinators adore. It is respected for the soothing properties of its oils. This makes lavender a staple in aromatherapy and natural wellness. Originating from the Mediterranean, it has adapted to many climates, and can successfully be grown in USDA hardiness zones 5 to 9.


Lavender seeds should be sown in well-draining soil. Find a spot that receives plenty of sunlight. Because of their slow germination rate, starting indoors can be beneficial. Sow the seeds on the surface of a seed-starting mix and lightly press them into the soil. Keep the soil slightly moist but not waterlogged until germination. Be patient, as germination can take 2 to 4 weeks. Seedlings should be gradually adapted to outdoor conditions before transplanting for stronger plants.


Once lavender plants are established, they don’t require much care. Preferring dry conditions, these Mediterranean herbs are tolerant to drought. Regular pruning after flowering is a good practice to encourage bushy growth. No fertilization is needed; however, lavender benefits from the occasional addition of lime for soil alkalinity. Harvest lavender in the morning at the peak of its bloom for the highest aromatic oil concentration. The fragrant flowers are used for drying, cooking, or essential oil extraction. The scent of lavender, fresh or dried, adds tranquility to homes and gardens alike.

With our lavender seeds, anyone can relish the serene scent of this beloved herb. It starts in the garden and can find its way into your home. Invite the butterflies and the bees, and add peace and beauty to your space by growing lavender in your home garden.

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