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Survival Garden Seeds is on a mission to be a light in today's world by helping people become more self-reliant by growing gardens.

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Grow a Victory Garden for sustainable food

Grow a Victory Garden

Provide your family with food security from a sustainable, eco-friendly garden grown from non-GMO heirloom seeds for survival.

Ensure Your Family's Pantry is Always Full

We like to think the best survival food comes from the garden. We have everything you need to plant a survival garden that will sustain your family year-round.

Pickle, can and preserve your own food
Sometimes you need a change from the same old recipes to keep things interesting. This festive apple sausage dressing is a twist on the traditional Thanksgiving side. It will add fresh harvest flavors to your table for your holiday feast. 
Who says dessert can’t be good for you? These Chocolate Beet Brownies contain a half pound of beets and all the healthy B vitamins, potassium, and nitrates that come with them.
It’s the time of year to give thanks! There’s a lot to be thankful for here at Survival Garden Seeds. Taking the time for gratitude is an important practice that builds resilience to life’s hard times and boosts your mental health. We're taking the time to give thanks for all of our blessings today, and every day.
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