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Cat Grass Seeds

Cat grass seeds offer a lush, green treat for your feline friends, right in the comfort of your home. This fast-growing crop provides a safe and nutritious nibble for cats that aids in digestion and helps prevent hairballs. Cat grass requires minimal care and can even be grown indoors. Planting cat grass seeds is an easy way for owners to provide a fresh source of greens for their cats without the expense of buying expensive pre-grown pots of cat grass at the store.

Survival Garden Seeds offers high-quality seeds for cat grass growing. Our seeds are non-GMO and carefully chosen for their germination rates, providing quality nutrition and enrichment for your kittens and cats.

Growing Cat Grass Seeds in Your Home

  • Tri-grain blend of wheat, oat and barley
  • Aids digestion and provides nutrients
  • Non-GMO, heirloom seeds
  • Quick to germinate and easy to grow


Our cat grass seeds are a blend of safe and beneficial grasses for cat consumption: wheatgrass, barley, and oat grass. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, these grasses offer health value to your cats, and they’ll also get pleasure of nibbling. Cat grass can satisfy your pet's craving for greenery, preventing them from chewing on potentially harmful and toxic houseplants.


Starting cat grass seeds is quite straightforward: simply spread the seeds thickly in a shallow container filled with potting soil or even a light soilless growing medium. Lightly cover them with a thin layer of soil. Water thoroughly, placing the container in an area with moderate light or sunlight. Cat grass seeds typically germinate within 3 to 7 days. The grass will be ready for your pet in about two weeks - when it’s 3 to 4 inches tall.


Cat grass requires minimal maintenance. Keep the soil moist and provide enough light to grow, but out of direct sunlight. If your cat doesn’t eat the grass fast enough, trim it periodically to encourage new growth. If the grass becomes too sparse, simply start a new batch from seeds.

With Survival Garden Seeds' cat grass seeds, pet owners can easily cultivate a continuous supply of fresh greens for their beloved pets. Your cat instinctively craves chlorophyll and other grass nutrients, and it will appreciate this treat immensely. Cat grass is a simple, effective way to care for your pet's well-being!

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