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Daisy Seeds

Enjoy traditional beauty and charm in your garden space by planting daisy seeds. They will grow into beloved flowers that are prized for their simple beauty and elegance. Some daisies have classic white petals surrounding a yellow center, but there are other interesting daisies to explore. Depending on the variety, these perennials or annuals are versatile and hardy. Daisies enjoy direct to partial sun exposure, adapting to a range of soil types.
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Survival Garden Seeds provides a selection of daisy flower seeds. They include the classic Shasta Daisy seeds and the colorful Painted Daisy seeds. Our seeds are chosen for their excellent germination rates, growing into robust, vibrant blooms.

Growing Daisy Seeds in Your Garden

  • Classic blooms with simplicity and elegance
  • Attracts beneficial insects
  • Non-GMO, heirloom seeds
  • Suitable for borders, meadows, and containers


Daisies have adorned landscapes for centuries. Symbolizing innocence and purity in various cultures, their name derives from “day's eye”. This name refers to how the flower opens with dawn and closes at dusk. Daisies are versatile in hardiness. Generally, they thrive in USDA zones 3 to 8 and are celebrated for their low maintenance and resistance to drought.


Various daisies require different growing conditions, so always refer to the back of your packet for the best information on your chosen variety. Plant daisy seeds either directly in the garden come early spring, or start them indoors 6 to 8 weeks before the last frost. Barely cover the seeds with soil. Keep the soil lightly moist until germination, which will start within 2 to 3 weeks. When seedlings are sturdy enough, transplant them outside. Space according to the needs of the growth habit of the particular daisy seeds you’re growing.


Daisies are easy to care for. They prefer soil that drains well and has moderate moisture. Once established, they tolerate drought very well. Removing dry flowers will encourage continuous blooming throughout the season. Daisies can be divided every few years in spring or fall to maintain health and vigor.

Find the simple, ageless beauty with Survival Garden Seeds' daisy seeds. These flowers are easy to maintain and add a cheerful beauty to your garden. Plant different varieties and enjoy the abundance nature has to offer.

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