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Bluebonnet Seeds

Bluebonnet seeds grow into the beautiful state flower of Texas. This striking blue wildflower carpets fields in early spring. Hardy bluebonnets grow prettiest in the full sun and alkaline soil typical of their native prairies. These flowers are annuals but reseed themselves vigorously, returning year after year. Their distinctive flowers resemble lupine, and persista as lovely as ever even in challenging environments.

Survival Garden Seeds offers premium Texas bluebonnet seeds, perfect for creating your own springtime spectacle. Our heirloom seeds are selected for their excellent germination rates and ability to produce dense clusters of blue.

Growing Bluebonnet Seeds in Your Garden

  • Vivid springtime blue blooms
  • Beautiful as a mass planting in sunny areas
  • Non-GMO, heirloom seeds
  • Perfect for wildflower gardens


Bluebonnets (Lupinus texensis) are iconic in Texas. They’re admired for their beauty and resilience. These flowers bloom profusely in spring, creating displays of blue. They symbolize a new season arrival, and are suited for USDA hardiness zones 3 to 13. Bluebonnets thrive in conditions that mimic their arid habitat. They are excellent for xeriscaping, requiring little water.


Planting bluebonnet seeds in fall yields the best results, as it allows them to undergo the seasonal changes that trigger growth in spring. They need a period of cold to germinate effectively, so if you’re sowing these seeds in spring they’ll need a period of cold stratification or scarification to encourage germination. Break the seed’s hard coat to scarify them gently by rubbing them with sandpaper or nick them with a knife or nail file. Sow directly in a sunny location, by pressing them into the soil. Don’t cover them, as they need light to germinate, which will occurs in early spring. Keep the soil moist until then.


Bluebonnets are low-maintenance flowers. They need occasional watering in prolonged dry periods and prefer soils that are not overly rich. After blooming, the plants will go to seed. Allow the seed pods to dry on the plant—this natural reseeding process ensures they will grow the following year.

With Survival Garden Seeds' bluebonnet seeds, gardeners have a chance to grow wildflowers with minimal effort. They are as gorgeous as they are resilient, providing beautiful blue carpets of Texas flowers. Enjoy bluebonnet seeds in your garden and see what the fuss is about.

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