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Marigold Seeds

Marigold seeds produce gorgeous flowers that thrive in warm months. Marigolds are incredibly easy to cultivate, which is why they appeal to inexperienced gardeners who are just starting their journey. These seeds adapt well to different soil types; however, they prefer well-drained, moderately fertile ground and full sun to flourish.

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At Survival Garden Seeds, we offer marigold seeds for sale in the most adapted varieties: Crackerjack Marigold and a mix of French Sparky Marigold Seeds. They come with detailed planting instructions to ensure successful growth and vibrant blooms in your garden or containers.

Growing Marigold Seeds in Your Garden

  • Easy to grow annuals
  • 2 popular varieties: Crackerjack (African or Mexican) Marigold & French Sparky
  • Drought-resistant and low-maintenance
  • Crucial as companion plants in vegetable gardens


Marigolds add a burst of sunny colors to the garden, including red, orange, and yellow. Their peak blooming season spans from early summer, all the way to fall. The best marigold seeds produce cheerful flowers that are aesthetically pleasing and serve as a natural pest repellent. This makes them a valuable companion plant for your vegetables. Originating from the Americas, marigolds are now a global favorite. Their resistant nature and easy care make them a perfect choice for garden beds and flower pots.


The easiest way to grow these cheerful plants is by directly sowing marigold seeds into the garden after the last frost date. They germinate and thrive best in full sunlight, so choose a sunny location. Plant the seeds a few inches apart, lightly sprinkling soil on top. Thorough but gentle watering is key, so keeping the soil moist but not waterlogged until germination, which typically occurs within ten days. It’s also possible to start marigold seeds indoors, about 6 to 8 weeks before the last frost date.


Once established, marigold plants are quite hardy. They can handle conditions of partial shade to full sun, though they prefer more light and bloom better in full sun. These flowers are somewhat tolerant to drought, but regular watering will keep them looking their best. Deadheading spent blooms will encourage more flowering.

Marigolds are both decorative and functional. They are known for repelling garden pests and attracting beneficial insects, making them excellent companion plants for vegetables! Additionally, marigolds provide excellent nematode control.

Sowing marigold seeds in your garden is a simple way to achieve continuous color in the growing season. Easy to care for and beneficial for the ecosystem — they are indispensable. With our selection, you can buy marigold seeds that create a vibrant, pest-resistant garden space.

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