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Watercress Seeds

Watercress seeds are perfect for wet conditions and produce one of the most nutrient-dense leafy greens. They’re known for their peppery flavor and health benefits. This aquatic or semi-aquatic plant grows best in cool, flowing water or moist soil conditions, making it a unique addition to vegetable gardens. Watercress is often grown as an annual, but it can be perennial in optimal conditions. Its rapid growth is the reason so many gardeners adore it. Easy harvest makes it a popular choice for adding a spicy kick to food.
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Survival Garden Seeds offers quality watercress seeds for sale, perfect for growing in your garden or hydroponic system. Our non-GMO seeds are selected for their excellent germination and ability to produce lush, flavorful greens.

Growing Watercress Seeds in Your Garden

  • Rich in nutrients
  • Thrives in wet, cool environments
  • Non-GMO, heirloom seeds
  • Ideal for garden ponds or hydroponic systems


Watercress seeds produce a superfood containing surprising amounts of vitamins and antioxidants. It’s no wonder they’ve been used for culinary purposes for a long time. Coming from Europe and also Asia, watercress prefers a watery habitat. It can be found naturally along streams and springs. Watercress is adaptable for growing in USDA hardiness zones 3 to 11, adjusting to different weather conditions when having consistent moisture.


Watercress seeds should be sown directly in consistently moist soil. A container submerged in water is another option. These seeds need light to germinate successfully. They should be planted on the soil’s surface, and remain uncovered. Maintain a water level that keeps the soil consistently wet. Within 5 to 15 days, germination should begin.


Watercress plants need constant access to water. They prefer partial shade to full sun, depending on the climate. They are mostly easy to care for but do require a clean water source to prevent possible disease spread. Harvesting regularly will encourage new growth. It can also prevent the plant from becoming leggy. Watercress is typically free from major pests, especially when grown in clean, flowing water.

If you’ve been trying to decide where to buy watercress seeds, you’re at the right place! Survival Garden Seeds will help you grow this healthful and tasty green. Get started growing this nutritional powerhouse in your garden today.

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