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Snapdragon Seeds

Snapdragon seeds grow into beloved annuals with flowers resembling a dragon’s head. These plants enjoy direct to partial sunlight and well-drained soil. Snapdragons provide visual appeal and are a gorgeous addition to garden spaces. Explore a range of colors, perfect for borders and creating dramatic backdrops.

Survival Garden Seeds offers a mix of diverse snapdragon seeds. Our non-GMO seeds are selected for their strong germination rates and vibrant blooms. They are perfect for crafting a fairytale garden and cutting fresh bouquets for the indoors.

Growing Snapdragon Seeds in Your Garden

  • Tetra mix contains many vibrant colors
  • Attracts pollinators including hummingbirds
  • Heirloom, non-GMO seeds
  • Cut flowers offer lasting blooms


Originating from the Mediterranean region, snapdragons have been a garden favorite for centuries. They were always cherished for their unique flower shape. These plants are ornamental, but they also attract useful pollinators and enhance garden biodiversity. Snapdragons are suited to grow in USDA hardiness zones 7 to 11.


Planting snapdragon seeds usually starts indoors. Sow them 10-12 weeks ahead of time, as they need a longer growing period to bloom. Snapdragon seeds require light for germination. Firmly press them into the soil, but do not cover. Make sure the soil remains moist until seedlings emerge. Transplant them outside only when the risk of frost has passed. Space the plants 12-18 inches apart.


Snapdragons love regular watering. During dry spells, ensure the soil is consistently moist. They prefer cooler temperatures and may need partial shade in hotter climates. Applying organic fertilizer during the blooming period enhances flowering. Remove dry blooms to extend the flowering season.

Our snapdragon seeds will encourage gardeners to cultivate an amazingly charming plant. Snapdragons bring beauty to your outdoor spaces, offering a playful interaction with nature.

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