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Spinach Seeds

Spinach seeds mature into lush, leafy greens that have powerful nutritional benefits and versatile uses in cooking. This nutritious plant prefers cool weather, full sun to partial shade, and rich soil that drains well. Spinach is grown as an annual; however, it can survive winter in milder climates. It’s known for rapid growth, high yields, and ease of cultivation.

Survival Garden Seeds offers a selection of spinach seeds for sale, including the Bloomsdale and the Noble Giant varieties. Chosen for their strong germination rates, our non-GMO seeds will produce an abundance of flavorful greens for your family.

Growing Spinach Seeds in Your Garden

  • Nutrient-rich leafy greens
  • Fast-growing and easy to harvest
  • Heirloom, non-GMO seeds
  • Ideal for early spring or late fall planting


Spinach seeds originally come from Persia. Rich in iron, spinach has been used fresh or cooked for a long time worldwide. It is also renowned for its high vitamin and mineral content. This is a versatile green, used in salads and sandwiches, smoothies, and cooked dishes. Spinach grows well in USDA hardiness zones 2 to 11. Its tolerance to lower temperatures allows an early start in spring and extended growth into the fall.


When the soil is workable in early spring, you can begin planting spinach seeds directly in the garden. For a fall crop, they can also be planted in late summer. Sow them around 1/2 inch deep, spacing seeds 3 inches apart. Distance in rows ought to be 12 to 18 inches. Spinach seeds germinate best in cool soil. They emerge in 5 to 14 days. Succession planting every couple of weeks is advised for a steady supply.


To grow into lush, tender leaves with good flavor, spinach requires consistent moisture. Regular watering is important, especially during drought. A layer of mulch will keep the soil moist and the roots cool. Thinning seedlings will provide the plants room to mature (about 6 inches). Spinach leaves can be harvested as baby greens, or when they grow to full size. Regular harvesting is beneficial, as it can encourage bushier growth.

Find the best spot in your garden for spinach seeds today. Survival Garden Seeds will help you cultivate this versatile and nutritious green! With a fast growth cycle and good cold tolerance, spinach is an excellent choice for extending the gardening season.

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