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Florence Fennel Seeds

Florence fennel seeds grow into a robust, aromatic plant in the carrot family that serves as a vegetable, an herb, and a spice. This herb prefers fertile well-drained soil and direct sunlight and it is moderately tolerant to drought. Fennel is characterized by feathery foliage with a distinctive flavor, reminiscent of anise. Fennel is a popular plant in culinary gardens, used for its edible stems (bulbs) and seeds with their distinct tasty flavor.

Survival Garden Seeds provides high-quality Florence fennel seeds, ideal for gardeners who want to enrich their vegetable gardens with a versatile plant with many uses. Our non-GMO seeds are meticulously chosen to ensure reliable germination and produce robust plants.

Growing Florence Fennel Seeds in Your Garden

  • Edible bulbs with anise flavor
  • Moderately tolerant to drought
  • Heirloom, non-GMO seeds
  • Cool-weather crop


Fennel Florence is often simply called fennel. It originated in the Mediterranean region. This herb has a crisp, slightly sweet flavor, which resembles licorice or anise. Traditionally, fennel is used for its crunchy bulb and aromatic seeds. It is a culinary delight and a notably attractive herb addition to gardens. The plant attracts pollinators with its yellow blooms, especially yellow skipper butterflies. Its foliage looks much like dill. Growing Florence fennel is quite easy.


Start the process by sowing Florence fennel seeds directly in the garden, as soon as the soil can be worked in spring. Plant seeds around 1/4 inch deep in rows. Maintain moisture in the soil until the seeds start germination, which will be in 2 to 3 weeks. When seedlings are large enough to handle, thin them to 12 inches apart. This will give them adequate room for bulb development.


Florence fennel plants need consistent moisture and full sunlight for best development. They can tolerate some shade, especially in hot conditions. When bulbs start to swell, mound soil around them. This will protect the vegetable stalks and maintain their white color. Harvest bulbs when they are tennis ball size. The delicious feathery leaves can be cut from occasionally to encourage more growth.

Introduce fennel seeds into your garden and enjoy their crunchy bulbs and aromatic seeds. When fennel matures, you may collect seeds to spice up your dishes or save them for planting in the coming seasons.

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