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Chamomile Seeds

Chamomile seeds bloom into familiar aromatic herbs. They’re renowned for their delicate fragrance and soothing properties. Depending on the variety, chamomile is either a perennial or annual, growing best in full sunshine to partial shade and well-drained soil. It’s recognized by the small flowers with white petals and yellow centers, which are used for preparing calming teas and herbal remedies.

Survival Garden Seeds offers high-quality chamomile seeds. Our selection includes the popular German Chamomile seeds and Roman Chamomile seeds. These heirlooms are selected for their ability to produce abundant blooms and are useful both as medicinal herbs and as beautiful plants that add to the garden’s diversity and resilience.

Growing Chamomile Seeds in Your Garden

  • Delicate, fragrant flowers
  • Soothing and medicinal properties
  • Non-GMO, heirloom seeds
  • Ideal as companion plants


Chamomile has been cultivated for centuries across different continents for its soothing properties. These flowers are harvested for teas mostly; however, they also provide essential oils and herbal cures. They’re known for aiding relaxation. Chamomile plants are adaptable in USDA zones 4 to 9, growing well in temperate climates. Tolerant to drought, chamomile seeds are a resilient choice for many garden settings.


Sow the seeds directly into the garden space. They can also be started in seed trays indoors. Chamomile seeds need light to germinate properly, so press them gently into the soil without covering them. Maintain soil moisture until germination, which typically starts within a week or two. When seedlings are sturdy enough, transplant them outside. Find a sunny or partially shaded area, spacing them according to the directions on the packet.


Chamomile plants are relatively low maintenance, once established. As mentioned, well-drained soil provides the best foundation for their successful growth. They need occasional watering once the plants mature. Deadheading dry flowers can encourage continuous blooming. Besides being beneficial for humans, chamomile serves as a companion plant. Both German and Roman Chamomile improve the health of the surrounding plants while attracting beneficial insects.

Growing a useful herbal plant is easy with Survival Garden Seeds' chamomile seeds. Enhance your garden. Brew tea, craft herbal remedies, and indulge in its sweet fragrance. Chamomile will be a delightful plant gracing your garden space.

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