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Okra Seeds

Okra seeds grow into tall, flowering plants that produce edible seed pods. These seed pods have a role in culinary dishes worldwide; especially in Southern US, African, and Indian cultures. This warm-weather vegetable enjoys full sun and requires well-drained, fertile soil. The okra plant, with its distinctive ribbed pods and gorgeous flowers, is also valued for ornamental beauty. Typically grown as an annual, it can reach 6 feet or more, providing a striking presence in the garden space.
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Survival Garden Seeds offers a variety of okra seeds for sale, including the classic Clemson Spineless okra seeds and the unique Red Burgundy with its eye-catching red pods. Our non-GMO seeds are selected for their high germination rates and ability to produce abundant, quality pods.

Growing Okra Seeds in Your Vegetable Garden

  • Fast-growing plant with edible pods
  • Thrives in hot conditions
  • Non-GMO, heirloom seeds
  • Best for in-ground gardening or raised beds


This unusual and unique plant came from Africa and has spread throughout the world, offering its unique flavor and texture to world cuisine. The pods can be used in stews, fried, or even pickled. As a versatile ingredient in the kitchen, okra prefers growing in USDA hardiness zones 5 to 13. It is known for its heat tolerance, preferring hot summers for the best growth.


Plant seeds directly in the garden after the last frost and the soil has warmed. Sow okra seeds about 1 inch deep. Okra plants need full sun exposure, with plenty of space to develop tall stalks and foliage. Germination occurs within a week or two, especially if the soil temperature is warm.


Okra requires regular watering, especially during dry periods. Mulching around the plants will conserve soil moisture. Harvest okra pods when they are 2 to 3 inches long and still tender. Larger pods become woody quickly. In the harvest season, it’s a good idea to harvest daily to encourage more pod development and to ensure tender pods that aren’t tough.

Survival Garden Seeds' okra varieties are perfect for individuals seeking to cultivate something different. The result will be a diverse vegetable and a gorgeous plant. Its striking flowers are a treat for the eyes too. Try your hand at okra and see how much fun you have!

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