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Morning Glory Seeds

Morning Glory seeds are a captivating choice for gardeners wanting a beautiful splash of color in their garden landscapes. These fast-growing vines thrive in the summer warmth, opening their blooms in the early morning to greet the day. Morning Glories are also remarkably easy to grow, climbing trellises and fences rapidly and reaching 8-10 feet long.

At Survival Garden Seeds, the lovely purple Grandpa Ott variety is available to bring charm to your outdoor spaces. We provide Morning Glory seeds for sale with comprehensive planting instructions for successful cultivation with each package.

Growing Morning Glory Seeds in Your Garden

  • Thrives in poor soil conditions where other plants struggle
  • Ideal for adding color to fences, trellises, and other vertical structures
  • Easy to grow; requires minimal care
  • Symbolizes love, affection, and longing


Morning Glory (Ipomoea), is renowned for its elegant flowers shaped like trumpets. The blooming cycle of Morning Glory flower seeds begins with the first ray of sunlight, and the flowers close up in the afternoon. This unique trait makes them appealing and gives them their name. Native to tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas, Morning Glories have been embraced by gardeners worldwide. This annual vine will die off in the winter, but easily reseeds itself year after year.


Understanding how to plant Morning Glory seeds can give you the necessary knowledge to last a lifetime. To ensure a lush display, sow Morning Glory seeds directly into the garden. Do this after the threat of frost has passed and the soil has warmed. These seeds have a hard outer coating, so you can scarify them by damaging the seed coat with a file or soaking them overnight in water to improve germination. Plant seeds about half an inch deep in a sunny location. Space them about 6 inches apart. Because Morning Glory is a climber, provide support such as a trellis or fence.

Water the planting area well and maintain moisture until germination, which typically occurs within 7-14 days. As seedlings grow, thin them out. This also ensures good air circulation, which can help prevent disease.


Even though Morning Glories are relatively easy to maintain, some upkeep is necessary for them to thrive. Regular watering, especially during dry days, will support fast, healthy growth. They can thrive in poor soil, but adding balanced fertilizer early in the season can be very beneficial. The rapid growth can lead to entanglement with other plants so regular pruning is advised. Training the vines helps manage their spread.

Enchanting Morning Glory flowers are a delightful choice for adding vertical interest and color to the garden space. A symbol of new beginnings, it will be there to greet you in the morning, with open flowers to delight onlookers.

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