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Money Plant Seeds

Money Plant seeds (Lunaria annua or Lunaria biennis) grow into attractive, biennial plants. They are best known for having distinctive seed pods, which are shaped like coins. These pods and the plant itself are also called Silver Dollar or Honesty. Money plants enjoy direct sun and are tolerant to partial shade, thriving in well-drained soil. They are resistant to drought once they root well. Their unique appearance makes them popular in dried form, so they’re often used in flower arrangements and interior decoration.

Get to know more about this interesting plant: Lunaria - A Plant of Many Names.

Survival Garden Seeds offers premium Money Plant seeds, perfect for gardeners who appreciate both the beauty and folklore associated with these plants. Our non-GMO seeds are selected to produce vibrant and healthy Money Plants.

Growing Money Plant Seeds in Your Garden

  • Pretty purple flowers into coin-shaped seed pods
  • Easy to grow ornamental plants
  • Drought-tolerant once established
  • Heirloom, non-GMO seeds


Money Plants, or Lunaria annua, are cherished for their captivating aesthetic. They are also believed to bring prosperity and luck to a home or even a garden. Their flat seed pods, resembling coins, have given rise to myths of financial fortune. Beyond ornamental use, the purple flowers of the silver dollar plant are very pretty and attract pollinators.


Sow the Money Plant seeds directly to the garden in fall or spring. These seeds will need light to germinate. The best way to plant them is to press them gently onto the soil surface, without covering them. Water the planting area regularly to maintain soil moisture until seedlings emerge. This will usually be within two to three weeks.


Money Plants are easy to care for, and demand little maintenance once they root. They handle drought periods well, generally needing minimal water. The plants can be thinned to about a foot apart to allow sufficient space for their growth. After flowering, money plants produce the expected seed pods. Harvest these pods immediately to prevent self-seeding, as they can quickly take over a garden. They can then be harvested for drying, or left in the garden to self-seed for future growth.

Growing Money Plants is a rewarding experience. Watching the plant go through its phases is thrilling, each one interesting and beautiful to behold. Enjoy their unique beauty indoors and out when you grow your own.

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