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Blue Flax Seeds

Lewis Blue flax seeds, from the plant Linum lewisii, are beautiful perennial wildflowers that are valued for their versatility in the garden space. This native North American wildflower has beautiful blue flowers. The seeds of this variety of flax are nutritious and edible but have a high cyanide content and must be cooked before eating.  Lewis Blue Flax loves to grow in places with full sun. It prefers well-drained, sandy soil, and is relatively tolerant of drought when rooted well.

Survival Garden Seeds offers blue flax seeds, perfect for all who appreciate the subtle beauty of wildflowers. Our non-GMO seeds are carefully chosen for their premium germination rates, with each seed package including complete planting instructions.

Growing Blue Flax Seeds in Your Garden

  • Elegant blue North American wildflower
  • Attracts important pollinators
  • Perfect for sunny, well-drained areas
  • Non-GMO, heirloom seeds


Blue flax originates from regions of the western United States and Canada. This North American native wildflower is exceptionally resilient, adapting well to many environments - particularly poor soil conditions. It is suitable for gardens in USDA hardiness zones 3 to 10. Beyond its obvious beauty, blue flax also has a practical role. The plant is beneficial for pollinating insects and provides cover to reduce soil erosion. Its ability to withstand dry conditions makes it an excellent choice for sustainable landscaping and xeriscaping.


Planting blue flax flower seeds is straightforward. They can be sown directly into the garden after frost has passed in spring. They actually prefer poor to average soil. To plant, lightly cover seeds with soil. Space or thin plants to 10 to 12 inches apart, as they will spread over time. Blue flax is drought tolerant once established, requiring only infrequent watering.


The care of perennial blue flax is minimal. Hence, it is perfect for those with little time or sandy soil. It only needs occasional watering. Deadheading dry flowers promotes further blooming throughout the season. If you wish to save seeds, allow flowers to develop seed heads. Adding a little compost to the soil can enhance the flowering process.

With its delicate blue flowers and easy care, blue flax stands as a gorgeous plant that will bloom for years. Requiring minimal care, it will brighten up the gardens of those who struggle with other more demanding flower species.

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