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Asparagus Seeds

Asparagus seeds develop into a long-lived perennial vegetable, yielding tender, flavorful spears. It is a favorite in many cuisines, for its unique taste and nutritional benefits. To enjoy years of harvest, choose a spot with full sunshine to partial shade with soil rich in nutrients. Asparagus plants can bear fruit for 20 years or more. This makes them an ideal survival garden crop for homesteaders to invest in. Their fern-like foliage adds an ornamental element to the garden as well.

Survival Garden Seeds offers asparagus seeds for sale, including the popular Mary Washington variety. Our heirloom seeds are carefully selected for their ability to produce robust, productive plants.

Growing Asparagus Seeds in Your Garden

  • Perennial with long-term yields
  • Nutritious and full of flavor
  • Heirloom, non-GMO seeds
  • Ideal for dedicated garden beds


Native to Europe and parts of Africa and Asia, asparagus has been cultivated for over two thousand years. Its edible spears can be prepared in different interesting ways. Asparagus is praised for its medicinal properties, including its diuretic effects. Suited for growing in USDA hardiness zones 3 to 8, this plant requires patience, taking a few years to establish fully. When it does, it produces abundantly for decades.


Planting asparagus seeds inside in trays can get you a head start on the growing season. Sow them 1/4 inch deep and transplant to the garden when they are several inches tall, and the danger of frost is over. When planting directly in the garden, wait for the last frost to pass. Space them about 18 inches apart. Gradually fill the trench with soil as the plants grow. Asparagus is a heavy feeder, so providing nutrient-rich soil will help sustain their development.


Asparagus plants require regular watering during the growing season, especially. They benefit from mulching to stop excessive evaporation and suppress weeds. Asparagus is typically ready to harvest in the third year. They are tender and delicious when their spears are the thickness of a pencil. Harvest by cutting them off at ground level.

Survival Garden Seeds' asparagus seeds are a great, inexpensive way to grow this gourmet veggie for yourself. You’ll enjoy the delicious spears every spring for many years to come with proper care and patience. Invest in your long-term food production today and enjoy a bountiful reward for decades!

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