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Cilantro Seeds

Cilantro seeds grow into an herb that brings fresh flavor to your meals with their aromatic leaves and seeds. Cilantro is beloved in culinary dishes around the globe and is famous for its specific, unique taste. Thriving in cooler temperatures, this plant prefers direct sunlight. It does best in well-drained, fertile soil. It is typically grown as an annual. The cilantro seeds spice is also called coriander and is also used in many dishes across different cultures.

Survival Garden Seeds heirloom cilantro seeds come in a package with all the information you need for growing cilantro from seed successfully. Garnishing your dishes with citrusy leaves? Using spicy seeds in your recipes? Our cilantro seeds add fresh flavors to your table whenever you like!

Growing Cilantro Seeds in Your Herb Garden

  • Grow fresh herbs for cooking
  • Quick to germinate and easy to grow
  • Seeds can be dried and used as coriander spice
  • Easy to grow indoors or outdoors in most areas


Cilantro is renowned for its distinctive flavor. Its particular taste is either loved or disliked, because some people have a gene that makes it taste like soap! Beyond its culinary uses, cilantro is full of vitamins and useful as a traditional herbal medicine. Native to many regions (Southern Europe, Northern Africa, Southwestern Asia), it is now a global herb. These seeds are suitable for growing in USDA hardiness zones 2 to 11. If the weather is too hot in your area for cilantro, you can grow it indoors year round!


For best results, sow seeds directly into the garden in early spring or late summer when the temperatures are moderate. Avoid peak summer heat - it can cause the plant to bolt (flower and produce seeds) prematurely. Plant seeds a quarter-inch deep. Space them a few inches apart: cilantro can grow fairly bushy. The soil should be kept moist to encourage the cilantro germination time – typically within 7 to 10 days.


Cilantro plants are relatively easy to maintain. They need regular watering, especially during dry days. Regular picking will encourage bushier growth of the plant. When it begins to flower - allow it to go to seed. The coriander seeds cilantro produces can be dried and used as a spice that is exceptionally good in curries and other Asian dishes. Make sure you harvest leaves in the morning, as that is when the oil content is highest, and it ensures the best possible flavor. Cilantro is a fantastic addition to salads and is also delicious in salsas and a variety of dishes.

Experience a joyful growing and cooking experience with our cilantro seeds for planting, as you’ll get the vibrant taste of homegrown herbs fresh from the garden. Enjoy the many benefits of cilantro leaves and seeds all year round!

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