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7 Vegetables To Plant In June

7 Vegetables To Plant In June

The month of June isn’t too late to start growing some vegetables. If you live in USDA Hardiness Zones 3 to 8, June is a fine time to plant these vegetables in your survival garden. In hardiness zones 9 and above, many vegetables like beans, melons, and summer squash will like the extended growing season, but you must pay close attention to manage heat stress.


The fast-growing nature of beans, especially bush beans, means you can often plant several crops throughout the growing season. The heirloom bush bean variety, Provider matures in about 50 days and produces a bounty of beans. You can try Royal Burgundy bush beans with purple pods that turn green when cooked for something more colorful and interesting. Royal Burgundy beans mature in about 55 days.


Beets are another quick-grower in the summer heat. Ruby Queen heirloom beets are an All-American Selections winner known for their deep red color, tender texture, and excellent flavor. They typically mature in about 55 days.


Cabbage Seed Collection

June is a good time to start your cabbage for harvest in the early fall. For an early harvest, try planting Jersey Wakefield cabbage that will mature in 50 to 60 days. Jersey Wakefield is an heirloom cabbage variety that has been around since 1840. It has unusual cone-shaped heads and can handle the summer heat. This sweet cabbage is excellent for coleslaw. Golden Acre cabbage matures in 60 to 70 days and produces compact round heads with a sweet flavor that is perfect for sauerkraut. Remember to fertilize your cabbage when it starts producing heads.


You can plant carrots in mid-June for harvest in late summer. For a durable and adaptable carrot variety, you can try Chantenay Royal. This plant produces thick, stocky carrots that grow well even in heavy or clay soils. They also store for a long time and mature in about 75 days. We have some tips and tricks for growing carrots in a previous blog post.


Slices of orange watermelon

Melons, including watermelon, love the summer heat. They need higher temperatures for germination, so June is the perfect time to start growing melons. Try Hale’s Best cantaloupe melon for its exceptionally sweet flavor. If you are a watermelon lover, try something a little different and plant some Orange Glo watermelon. This watermelon has bright orange flesh and a unique tropical flavor.


We tend to think of peas as an early spring crop, but because of their fast-growing nature, they are another vegetable that can be planted in succession for several harvests throughout the growing season if you live in zones 3 to 5. Try a reliable variety like Sugar Daddy Snap peas that should mature in 60 to 75 days.

Summer Squash

Planting summer squash in June will allow you to harvest them in late July or early August. Try the classics, Golden Crooked Neck and Straightneck Summer Squash. These varieties mature in about 50 to 70 days and produce tasty yellow squash perfect for summer grilling.

Other Things to Plant in June

Summer herbs basil, rosemary, oregano

June is a great month to plant herbs. Culinary favorites like basil, oregano, and sage thrive in the summer heat. Another thing to consider is starting some seeds indoors for your fall garden. Knowing your first frost date, you can calculate backward to know when it is best to start seeds for fall vegetables like broccoli, swiss chard, and kale. Fortunately, we have a seed planting calculator tool that will help you learn your first frost date and even give you planting dates for your fall vegetables.

Have no fear, June is not too late to start growing your favorite vegetables. Pay attention to the weather and make sure your plants have the water in the summer heat. Choose the correct varieties for the length of your growing season and you will have a healthy harvest at the end of the summer.

Various types of melon including cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew