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Salsa Collection - Tomatillo, Roma Tomato, Red Onion, Jalapeño Pepper, Cilantro

  • Grow Your Own Salsa - Each of the major components of a delicious red or green salsa is included: Each of the major components of a delicious red or green salsa is included: Toma Verde tomatillos, Roma tomatoes,Red Burgundy onions, jalapeno peppers, and cilantro. Make exactly the salsa you love - chunky, smooth, hot, or mild!
  • Can or Eat Fresh - Salsa made from super fresh ingredients is a summer delight, but you can also can your salsa or individual ingredients for year round flavor. Enjoy the bright taste of your own homegrown salsa and share with your friends and family.
  • Survival Seed Vault - Grow now or save in long term storage by storing in a place shielded from temperature, moisture, and light. Feel secure knowing you've got seeds ready to plant!
  • Variety of Produce - A diverse array of seeds grown and cultivated in the USA for planting and growing in warm weather in your home vegetable garden.
  • Individual Seed Packages - Beautiful paper packaging that can be used to mark rows or stored for reference. Info-rich instructions with important details for successful planting, growth, and saving seeds for future years.

Roma Tomatoes are grown for their rich taste—perfect for preserving in tomato sauce and tomato paste. These meaty tomatoes grow to about 3" long. Prolific, compact vines are perfect for container gardens. 

Tomatillosare sometimes called husk tomatoes for the papery outer husk that they grow in. These zesty green fruits have a tart, tangy flavor that is essential for making salsa verde. 

Cilantrois an herb with a bright, sunny flavor that is reminiscent of citrus. It performs best in cooler weather, as hot weather can cause it to become feathery and tasteless. In the summer months, plant some containers indoors for year-round fresh flavor in your salsa and stir-fries. 

Jalapeño Pepper is a must-have for every home vegetable garden. These beautiful glossy peppers can be picked green or red, depending on preference. It makes a great addition to food whether sliced fresh or pickled or canned. Jalapenos can also be dried and preserved as chipotles.  

Red Burgundy Onion is a short day onion, producing glossy red 4" bulbs when the daylight lasts 10-12 hours. The flesh is white with pink rings and has a mild sweet flavor that's perfect for slicing. Harvest early for a more intense flavor.

These seeds for planting in your family vegetable garden will help secure your family's food needs. Each seed pack includes instructions with germination time, temperature, light needs, seed saving, and other details for successful growing to help a beginner or novice get started growing their own flowers, herbs, and vegetables.

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