All of our herb seed packets contain detailed sowing and saving instructions

Heirloom, Non-GMO grains and cover crops make great farmer seeds for small homesteads

Expand your knowledge of growing survival food

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Love it

These are perfect for cooler fall temperatures!
Been using some this company a while now and there seeds are the best ! YouTube video placeholder
Can't wait to grow these!

A very well thought out curated collection of seeds!
We had bought a few of the single packets to try this year and they all grew very well so having
this wonderful collection to use next year is very exciting!
I love that they come with a resealable bag to safely store them in as well.


Just bought these seeds mainly because of the reviews Ive heard about Survival Garden Seeds but also because of them being heirloom

Medicinal garden herbs

Just received & I’ve already started my herbal garden.

Very happy!

Just received my home garden package. Very nice bag of seeds. Haven’t had a chance to use. My garden is already in so I’ll probably stash these away for next year. The Mylar storage bag is very useful. Thanks so much for the seeds!

Black-Eyed Peas Seeds
Judith Richey
Black eyed peas - redo

I was not aware of your business when I first ordered the seeds from Amazon. Only one seed germinated! So, I reached out to you and explained my frustration. You kindly sent me another pkg. these seeds have all come up. Thanks for sending me a new package of seeds..
I used Amazon originally because I could not find these seeds at any other seed companies. Good thing I kept the bag so I knew where they came from and reached out to tell you of my frustration.

Excited about My Seeds!

While I haven't yet used my Spring Vegetable Collection because of a move, I am looking forward to planting and enjoying a Bountiful Harvest to share with my family and friends. Excited about my seeds. I hope to order the Homestead Collection soon and you can be certain that once I start planting I will be glad to show the results. Thank you Survival Seeds for affordable options to buy seeds for me and my family!

Bought as a gift

Bought as a gift for someone.. The packets of seeds were well packaged and the variety is interesting. Also, it was a fair price.

Nice value, Lots of seeds

A nice collection of seeds for the money. Perfect for beginner gardeners

Arrived quickly

Well packed. I will save for fall garden.

A must have!!

I bought this set of seeds last year and was absolutely thrilled at the variety and quality of them. The germination rates were excellent and the value unbeatable. I will definitely repurchase in the future!

Great variety of lettuces and quick ship

Excited to plant in my aero-garden!

Great heirlooms

The heirloom seeds are doing well in the garden and producing great vegetables this summer


For a beginner, this is an impressive collection. Love the detail on each packet with instructions for growing, harvesting, etc. I look forward to the harvests - the true tests! I did have one suggestion but not specifically about this product. Think product line.. surprise us with seasonal kits for the miscellaneous varieties you don’t already offer 😃 Thanks in advance!

Love this product

The three sisters is a great way to grow a lot in a little space. I was very happy with how the seeds sprouted and love the preserving seeds information on packets. Fantastic product!

Watermelon Seed

I haven't used them but I am excited to. Great prices. Shipping was fast. I will order other seeds soon.

Something other than okra

I planted okra seeds in a large container and something other than okra is growing right in the center. I’ve been letting it grow because i am curious what seed may have been mixed in with the okra seeds

New Favorite Hat

This hat has become my new go-to. It is so well made, and the color green is a rich forest green.

Home garden collection

All are growing..thankyou!!

Should’a Bought 2

Love my new shirt! It’s comfortable and look’n good. Should’a bought 2!

For my Vault

I bought the Oat Seed for my seed stash. Delivery was very fast, as always. I have a great deal of trust in Survival Seeds amd have always had a very high germination rate from everything I have ordered in the past,

Love this!!

I received the Farmers Seed Vault as a prize on the Instagram contest. I absolutely love the variety of seeds this kit contains. I previously order the Tomato Variety Packets & Pepper Variety Packets. I started a couple of each of these in my aerogarden seed starter kit (24 Seeds) and every one of them sprouted, I was so surprised and very excited. I lost a few waiting for the last frost and being kept inside. the loss was my fault, I got excited and started them to early. Currently every plant is full of tomatoes and peppers. Absolutely love this company's products and Variety!!

Farmer Seed Vault - great variety

Love the great variety of seeds in the Farmer Seed Vault container. 100 seeds! I'm a beginner, so this is a great start and has terrific reviews from experienced gardeners.

Love it

Love this mix collection of veggies seeds .. these seeds germinates fast! ! YouTube video placeholder

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