Heirloom, Non-GMO grains and cover crops make great farmer seeds for small homesteads

Expand your knowledge of growing survival food

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I was extremely excited to receive my 100 packs of seeds. I have started some of the tomatoes, the germination was good. Looking forward to some other veggies and flowers when our weather is right.

Highly Recommend

I would definitely recommend. I shopped here last year and had great success with the seeds. Also, quick delivery

Some of the seeds just won’t grow.

Exactly what we have been looking for.!

My wife and I have been looking for several of the varieties in this set. As a Chef Im excited to renew our love for collecting herbs. The quality looks great, clear shipping updates, and highly impressed with the honesty of the expected germination rates. On several of these 1 seed doesn’t mean 1 plant. I think this is very important for people to know. I will be buying more! Thank you!


These seeds germinated very quickly!
Every seedling looks healthy and I'm planting them out as soon as the weather warms up. I'm very happy!


Every single seed I planted has come up in a perfect little sprout! This has been my experience with every purchase Iv'e made with SGS. I recommend them to all my friends!

Tomato seeds already come up! So far so great d

Tomato seeds already up! So far so good!!

First Time Growing Calendula

As a beginning gardener, I'm always happy when seedlings germinate quickly and appear hardy. The seedlings are growing well and will get transplanted after the next frost.

Love the Colors of the French Sparky Mix Compared to Last Year's Crackerjack Variety

I am a novice gardener and bought these plants for pest control and to use as pollinators. Marigolds are forgiving and require less care than my other seedlings. They came up quickly and are in great condition. They'll be transplanted in about a week, after the next frost and when the smallest is at least 3" tall.

First Time Growing Marjoram

I do not have a green thumb, but am giving gardening my best shot. This Marjoram is about 3 weeks old. They are very slow growing. I'm going to wait until they're much larger before transplanting. (I'm sure I put too many in the cup.)

Dill Seed
C. F.
First Time Growing Dill

This is only my second season growing plants. They were slow to germinate but then came up right away. These seedlings are the most fragile of what I've planted. I had to insert a bamboo skewer to keep them upright. They've been in soil for 3 weeks, and I'll transplant them in another week, after the next frost. I doubt that will be the last frost for zone 6B, but I will cover them before the next one.

Looking Forward to Future Blooms

Note: I'm a novice gardener. My thumbs are not green.

I started these 3 weeks ago. They were slow to germinate. The seed packet recommended cold stratification and darkness, but I set them on a part of the windowsill that doesn't get any sun. Once they peeked past the surface, they started growing a tad faster. One folded over, but the rest are coming up nicely. As soon as they develop a set of true leaves, I'll separate them and put them in individual pots.

So far, I have received all my seeds from Survival in a timely manner, and I'm very satisfied. This is my second season using their seeds.

All seeds planted germinated within 4 days

All seeds planted germinated within 4 days


Affordable, nice variety, good germination rates so far. Excited to plant my garden! Would order from this company in the future. Thank you!


I am so excited to receive this collection of medicinal herbs at a reasonable price. I'm looking forward to planting and harvesting them and learning new ways to treat my conditions holistically.

Tomato pkts and medicinal herb pkt

Very happy with the seeds that came, the medicinal herbs package has a great bag to keep everything in...The individual packets have tons of great info on them, can't wait to start seedlings!

Excellent customer service. Product was shipped really fast.

Love that there are non-GMO seeds and great storage bags and containers

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder

I am happy to try something different to grow this year.

Great variety of seeds

I started all of the seeds in our greenhouse. Hopefully they will all come up. Once the seeds are big enough we will plant them in our Medicinal Herb Garden!! We like the different varieties of seeds that were sent.

Honest company!

So I received my first package of seeds and they weren’t all in there (got doubles of some). I messaged them and the sent me the corrected package of seeds! There is great variety that I’m excited to work with.

Medicinal herbs package and tomato package

So happy to receive my seeds, can't wait to start them...just a little too soon here. Packaged beautifully and lots of info on packets..thanks!

Love the seeds. Plan to order more.

Slow growing

I’m having an issue getting my seeds to grow. I’ve had to repot some and have a few that come up about an inch and then fall over dying. The is my first time growing herbs from seeds I usually buy from a garden center.

The proof will be in the pudding

or should I say in the tea. I've planted some of them, they haven't sprouted yet but they will, they will.
The fact that they are certified organic is all the better.

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