Heirloom, Non-GMO grains and cover crops make great farmer seeds for small homesteads

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Our Story

About Survival Garden Seeds

We are brothers who grew up in a household where gardening was a way of life. We know firsthand how growing your own food can make a huge difference in a family’s food security and ability to survive. Growing and preserving our own food empowered us to understand that we could protect ourselves from life’s ups and downs. The garden was also a fun, wholesome activity the whole family participated in. We learned so many lessons from the happy hours we spent in the garden as children, and we want to share that joy and passion with you. 

About Survival Garden Seeds

How We Began

In the Spring of 2020, widespread food shortages and a feeling of fear and hopelessness spread through the general population. Modern life is precarious, and many of us are reliant on the supply chain. By now, we’ve all seen many of the points of failure in our supply lines, and how devastating the consequences can be. 

Through our experiences gardening over the years, we knew that having a vegetable garden (or even a vault of seeds in case of emergency) makes a huge difference. We decided that it was time to help to bring stability and peace of mind to more people in a very practical and affordable way - by empowering others to grow their own gardens.

Today, we have options for everyone to start a survival garden, including those living in small spaces who only have room for a few herbs.

About Our Seeds

We are an American family-owned small business. We source our seeds in the US and the vast majority are of American origin. The very few exceptions that have been imported meet strict requirements and are absolutely safe to grow in the continental US. 

All of our seeds are non-GMO, heirloom, and open-pollinated. They have been chosen for their reliability in germination and production rates. 

Individual seed packets have been designed with survival preparedness in mind. Each packet has basic growing and seed-saving information on the back - no internet connection needed. 

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