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15 Seeds You Can Plant in September

15 Seeds You Can Plant in September

September isn't too late to plant seeds in your garden. Here are 15 vegetables you can plant in September and enjoy a harvest before or even through winter.

For US Hardiness Zones 6 and lower, you'll want to start in the beginning of September, Zones 7 & 8, start between beginning and mid-September and Zones 9 & 10 can plant any time during September.

15 Seeds To Plant In September

  1. Lettuce loves temperatures between 55-75° F, but will need to be harvested before hard frost
  2. Broccoli is hardy to 28°F
  3. Kale is hardy to 20°F. To get tender leaves, cover during frost.
  4. Swiss Chard is hardy to 15°F and can be harvested as soon as the plant has 4 or more sets of leaves.
  5. Collard Greens are hardy to 5°F. The plants tough leaves are what make it so hardy, cook the leaves to make them tender enough to eat.
  6. Peas will be ready to harvest in 2 months before hard frost sets in.
  7. Carrots are hardy to 15°F and can grow throughout most of the winter. They need loose soil, so be sure to loosen soil deeply or plant in mounds.
  8. Radishes are hardy to 28°F and are often ready to harvest in 25-30 days. They offer the bonus of edible leaves.
  9. Spinach is usually ready to harvest in 1 month, but will be killed by hard frost.
  10. Cauliflower is hardy to 10°F. Because it is prone to insects, you should play close attention and apply Neem oil as a deterrent as needed. 
  11. Cabbage is hardy to 20°F. Cabbage is also prone to pests, so apply Neem oil as needed.
  12. Onions will grow through winter. You can harvest as green onions in Fall or allow to over winter for larger onions in spring. Plant short day onions in September. 
  13. Beets should be planted 2 months before the first frost.
  14. Turnips should also be planted 2 months before first frost.
  15. Arugula is hardy to 10°F and will still germinate in temperatures as low as 40°F

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