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5 Ways to Give From The Garden

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After Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes Giving Tuesday, the day our thoughts return to one of the real reasons for the season: giving.

Throughout the year, Survival Garden Seeds enjoys giving back to the community. We have donated seeds to community gardens and schools so the next generation can learn about survival and living sustainably. We will make a large seed donation to a local food pantry this holiday season.

This year, as planting season approaches, we hope you will keep the spirit of giving going. There are some great things you can do with extra seeds.

  1. Plant an extra row or 2 of vegetables that you can share with neighbors, your local food pantry, or co-op.
  2. Attend a seed swap and share some of your heirloom seeds with your community so perhaps they can try growing something new.
  3. Donate your seeds to a local community garden, school garden, or science class.
  4. Give seeds away to friends and family and share the growing experience with them.
  5. Save and store your seeds for future planting seasons

Let’s keep the giving going all year by sharing seeds and the bounty from our gardens.

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