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Gardening & Gratitude: Giving Thanks

Gardening & Gratitude: Giving Thanks

It’s the time of year to give thanks! There’s a lot to be thankful for here at Survival Garden Seeds. Taking the time for gratitude is an important practice that builds resilience to life’s hard times and boosts your mental health. Grateful people are kinder and have compassion for others. A gratitude practice even helps you sleep better and strengthens your immune system. 

Daily Gratitude at Survival Garden Seeds

Every workday, our team has a morning check-in, and we start by sharing a bit of good news. It’s a small thing that only takes a few seconds per person, but it goes a long way toward establishing a positive culture where we work well together. Sometimes the daily win is a small one, like a hot cup of coffee to start the day, and other times it’s a lot bigger. No matter what, it’s always worth expressing.


Our Team 

One consistent theme in our daily check-in is the gratitude we have for each other. The Survival Garden Seeds team has grown in 2022, and each new person has helped us to grow our business and to spread our message of hope. The new team members have helped build the website, blog, and social media presence. They’ve also made it possible for us to fill more orders, get more seeds out on time, and keep things running smoothly. 


Community Gardening

Our Community

We’ve met some fantastic people in the last year, too! We’ve got a rich community of survivalists, gardeners, homesteaders, and preppers of all types. Some of you are just learning how to grow, and others already have a plan, including a well-stocked pantry full of emergency food stores and a bug-out bag just in case. We’re happy to have all of you as part of the Survival Garden Seeds community.

Our Gardens

Growing a garden is an ongoing gratitude practice. When you’re growing a garden, you learn that there’s a time to be grateful for the sun and the rain. Sometimes you’re excited to work hard, and other times, it’s wonderful to take a rest and enjoy the beauty of your garden. The chance to get outside in the fresh air and do something useful and productive is a blessing of its own - not everyone has that chance. From the joy of watching seeds germinate to the bounty of harvest season, there are many moments to savor.


The Harvest

Beautiful flowers, fragrant herbs, and delicious fruits and vegetables from our gardens are always a welcome reward for the hard work we’ve done throughout the year. We’ve enjoyed fresh food throughout the growing season and harvest, and there’s some put away for the cold months ahead. These things will help nourish and support our families, making them able to be more self-reliant rather than dependent on supply chains and big agriculture. 

Making a Difference

Flowers bring bees and butterflies to your garden

Survival Garden Seeds is on a mission to be a light in today's world by helping people become more self-reliant by growing gardens. We’ve seen lots of evidence that we’re making progress with that mission. People have been learning about how to grow, planting their first gardens, and becoming empowered. It’s beautiful to see! 

Earlier this year, monarch butterflies officially moved to endangered status. Our community stepped up - big time! We saw a big boost in milkweed seed sales after that announcement. We know that our growers are much more likely to plant those seeds and promote a better world. 

If it’s not clear, you and all of our community are blessings, and we’re grateful for you. You’ve welcomed us into your community with open arms and helped us to find our place. Thank you! We hope you have a wonderful holiday season, with many blessings of your own to count. 

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