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Holiday Gift Ideas for the Survivalist, Homesteader, or Prepper in Your Life

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Finding the right gift for all of the people on your list can be a bit of a challenge, especially if they are self-reliant types who are more interested in DIY projects than fashion or gadgets. It helps to focus on their interests and find something that plays to their goals. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a gift guide for the survivalist, homesteader, or prepper in your life.

Seeds for Next Year’s Garden

You’re probably not surprised to see seeds at the top of our gift guide. We’ve found that people really do love thinking about growing their garden, even in the middle of winter. We’ve got some great collections for just about every kind of gardener. For those with limited space, try the Apartment Garden Collection. Microgreens Seeds are ideal stocking stuffers for the health nut in your life. Our Milkweed Collection or any of our flower seed collections are ideal for those who love to support butterflies and bees. And of course, our Home Garden 30 Pack, Homesteader 50 Pack, and Farmer 100 Pack seed collections contain a huge variety of seeds that will delight any vegetable gardener in your life! Complete your survival seed collection with our amazing new Ultimate Medicinal Herb Seed Collection.

A Homesteading Masterclass

For any aspiring homesteader, or even someone who just wants to learn more about that lifestyle, consider a subscription to the Abundance Plus Masterclass by Justin Rhodes. This is a great resource that provides inspiration to get started, knowledge to keep going, and a built-in community as support. For 10% off the first month, use code SGS at checkout.

Emergency Medical Kits

The last few years have really brought home the importance of being prepared for whatever life throws at you. Jase Medical’s emergency lifesaving medical kits and antibiotics to use in time of need are perfect for adding to anyone’s emergency preparedness supply kit.

Sourdough Starter & Bread Baking Guide

Heartway Farms is a great resource for the homesteader in your life. We especially love the idea of giving the gift of some of their Sourdough Starter. Get started by signing up for their FREE sourdough resources.

The Modern Pioneer Cookbook

We just love Mary’s Nest, and Mary Shrader has outdone herself with The Modern Pioneer Cookbook. Our whole crew has been so impressed with this lovely resource with filled with simple, wholesome recipes. It’s a no-fail gift for anyone wanting to master the basics of pioneer cooking.

Carrot Growing Guide

At least one member of the Survival Garden Seeds crew finds carrots to be a surprisingly difficult crop to grow, thanks to challenging soil and climate conditions. Deep South Homestead’s Carrot Manual is a cool little book that outlines everything you’ll need to know for success with these healthy root veggies - no matter what your zone, climate, or growing conditions!

Herbal Tinctures

If you know someone interested in natural medicine, slip some Ital Acres Tinctures into their stocking. These restorative herbal tonics are homegrown and carefully harvested and extracted at the peak of potency for maximum wellness benefits.

Sleepy Tea

Anyone who loves the cozy things in life or needs some TLC deserves some Sleep Easy Herbal Tea from The Stivers Homestead. It’s a soothing, yummy blend that helps the body and brain unwind and relax, even after a stressful day.

Winter Wellness Guide

All that holiday travel and visiting can catch up with you if you don’t take care of yourself. Whispering Willow Farm’s Winter Wellness Guideis a great resource for yourself, your family, or anyone else who wants to learn more about how to naturally fortify their family’s well-being through cold and flu season.

Portable Slow Cooker

The Rockpotis a slow cooker that can be heated over a gas, propane, electric, or gas stove top, or even heated in the fire! It’s great for camping, outdoor adventures, and as an emergency cooking solution that works in almost any situation. Use code SGS at checkout to get $10 off!

Emergency Food Storage

Give the prepper in your life the gift of peace of mind. NuManna’s emergency preparedness meals are actually tasty and are nutritionally boosted with superfood ingredients. It’s just the kind of food you’d want on hand during a crisis situation. Save 20% on all Food Buckets at Numanna by using discount code SGS at checkout!

Hopefully, this list has helped to inspire you and get you in the holiday spirit! For more help deciding, head over to the Survival Garden Seeds holiday gift guide. You can explore our suggestions. We’ve even ranked them by price to keep you under budget for your next Secret Santa gift or White Elephant gift exchange.

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Survivalist

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