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Survival Garden Planners & Gardening Glossary

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Our mission is to help people become more self-reliant by providing them with what they need to grow their own gardens. Planting and growing a survival garden is a big undertaking, and there are so many details to keep track of, and there have been some requests for help to keep all of the information straight. We’ve got some new additions to our library of resources so that you’ll have easy access to the most important details you’ll need to grow healthy, vibrant gardens.

Survival Garden Planting Planners

Planting Planner

Our seeds come with a lot of information on the back, but it can be cumbersome to keep track of all the packets. Deciding on your garden layout, the timing of planting and other various details can be a lot easier if all of the information is in one place. With that in mind, we’ve created planting guides for our three largest survival garden collections. These guides can be printed out and stored with your seeds or saved to your computer for easy reference.

These handy charts are alphabetically organized. They have any notes you need to prepare your seeds for planting, ideal soil temperatures for germination, the best time to start seeds indoors, planting times, spacing, and some other notes. There are lots of ways to garden; this is what we’ve found works best for us.

Gardening Glossary

As we created the planting planners, there were questions from different members of the team with various levels of growing experience. We quickly realized that not everyone uses the same terminology or even knows about certain gardening concepts.. We’ve created a quick guide to some of the terms that gardeners need to know to understand planting directions.

Original Growing Guide

Growing Guide

As always, our original Growing Guide is available for online viewing or as a downloadable document. We recommend keeping a paper copy with your survival garden kits. A hard copy is a lot easier to manage than a digital one when you’re gardening, plus it will be easy to consult even if you lose power or don’t have access to your computer.

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