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Our Survival Garden Progress

Our Survival Garden Progress

The whole team here at Survival Garden Seeds is thrilled that Spring planting season has arrived. If you ever had any doubts about whether our staff was actual gardeners, we thought we would share photos of some of our garden progress to ease those doubts.  

Our most ambitious gardener is Angee, who takes care of all of our seed ordering, germination tests, and customer service, among many other things. Angee is in Hardiness Zone 5, very close to Zone 4b, so outdoor planting for her won’t be until late May or early June. However, she’s got plenty to do to get ready. She’s preparing seedlings for 4 different gardens and has planted 27 10” x 20” trays. In a team effort, she and her husband created some handy shelving in a spare room to hold it all. 

Seedling trays Seedling trays
Seedling trays Seedling trays
Photos include just about every variety that we offer.

Heidi, who helps with marketing and creates some of our wonderful Tiktok and YouTube videos is also in Zone 5. She lives in a small space so she’s working on growing our Apartment Collection of container-friendly vegetables. Her seedlings are just starting to grow. 

Red Amaranth Rainbow Swiss Chard
 Photos are Red Amaranth & Rainbow Swiss Chard

Karly, our Brand Ambassador, is in Zone 6, and she’s already started plants outside under a hoop house. 

Seedlings Seedlings
Photos are peppers & various seedlings

Jennifer, our Assistant E-Commerce and social media coordinator, is in Zone 6 and hopes to move plants outside in the next week or so. 

zucchini seedlings heirloom tomatoes
Photos are Black Beauty Zucchini & heirloom tomatoes

We’re holding a monthly social media contest to give away one of our Farmer’s Seed Vaults of 100 non-GMO heirloom garden seed packets. We’d love to see your garden progress so share them with us on Instagram and Facebook and use hashtags #survivalgardenseeds and #mysurvivalgarden to be entered. You can read the full contest rules here.