Heirloom, Non-GMO grains and cover crops make great farmer seeds for small homesteads

Expand your knowledge of growing survival food

Perennial Herb Seeds

Add low-maintenance perennial herbs to your survival garden. Survival Garden Seeds offers a wide variety of non-GMO heirloom herb garden seeds including both medicinal herbs and culinary herbs that will return year after year bringing you a consistent source of fresh herbs.
Catnip Seed
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Catnip Seed $2.99 USD
Lavender Seed
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Lavender Seed from $3.49 USD
Lemon Balm Seed
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Lemon Balm Seed from $2.99 USD
Lovage Seeds
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Lovage Seeds from $3.49 USD
Oregano Seed
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Oregano Seed from $3.49 USD
Peppermint Seed
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Peppermint Seed from $3.49 USD
Spearmint Seed
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Spearmint Seed from $3.49 USD
White Sage Seed
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White Sage Seed from $3.49 USD
Thyme Seed
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Thyme Seed from $2.99 USD

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