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Beet Collection - Cylindra, Ruby Queen, Detroit Dark Red, & Detroit Golden Beet Seeds

  • Four Different Beets - Cylindra, Ruby Queen, Detroit Dark Red, and Detroit Golden beet seeds for planting in your garden. There's a beet for everyone's taste buds! Enjoy fresh picked from the garden, or can for longer term storage as survival supplies.

  • Nutritious and Tasty - Every bit of the beet is edible, from greens to root. These different beets pack a powerful nutritional punch, providing much-needed antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to your diet.

  • Grow Now or Later - Ready to plant now or save for future gardening. The seeds in these packs will remain viable for years if stored in a cool dry location. Each packet has instructions for saving seeds. 

  • Easy to Grow - Seeds come in a beautiful paper pack with instructions for successful growing and germination alongside your vegetables. Getting started is simple for both beginner and experienced gardeners.

  • Quality Seeds - Safe, non-hybrid non-GMO heirloom seeds proudly sourced in the USA for your family to plant and grow for years to come. Open-pollinated, naturally grown and selected to ensure the best germination rates.

Detroit Dark Red Beets are known for being delectably sweet and succulent. Perfect for gardening outdoors or growing indoors as microgreens to provide for your family's food needs. Can be canned for later use, perfect for planting in your home survival garden or homestead.

Detroit Golden Beets are nutritious powerhouses that are a wonderful addition to your survival garden. They can be enjoyed fresh and raw in salads, or can be cooked for a mellower flavor. The orange flesh turns to a buttery gold when cooked, and never bleeds the way red beets can.

Cylindra Beet seeds are perfect for planting in your home vegetable garden. They're edible and delicious from the root to the top.

Ruby Queen Beet is a reliable variety for both canning and eating fresh. The round, dark red roots have a tender texture and a mild, sweet flavor. The greens are also highly nutritious and can be eaten in salads or grown as a microgreen.

These seeds for planting in your family vegetable garden will help secure your family's food needs. Each seed pack includes instructions with germination time, temperature, light needs, seed saving, and other details for successful growing to help a beginner or novice get started growing their own flowers, herbs, and vegetables.

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