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Survival Garden Seeds is on a mission to be a light in today's world by helping people become more self-reliant by growing gardens.

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Grow a Victory Garden for sustainable food

Grow a Victory Garden

Provide your family with food security from a sustainable, eco-friendly garden grown from non-GMO heirloom seeds for survival.

Ensure Your Family's Pantry is Always Full

We like to think the best survival food comes from the garden. We have everything you need to plant a survival garden that will sustain your family year-round.

Pickle, can and preserve your own food
At its most basic, a survival garden is exactly what it sounds like, a garden designed to feed you and your family. It requires more investment and work than just your average vegetable garden.

What is composting? Composting is the process of recycling organic matter into valuable fertilizer that can be used to enrich soil and plants. Composting is simple to do at home in your backyard.

War, drought and heat waves, labor disputes and strikes, supply chain disruptions, COVID-19, and other factors all have played a part in this global food crisis. It’s a complicated problem that can’t be solved overnight, but you can still do your part to protect yourself and those near you.
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